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Welcome to my blog! My name is Doreen and I am here to provide all of the information you need to fully understand real estate. When I bought my first home about 7 years ago, I didn't have a clue what I was doing. I found the entire process very confusing. However, all of that changed when I decided to sell my house a few years later. I found a fantastic real estate agent who taught me everything I needed to know. Since that time, I have bought and sold several other properties. I hope you like this blog and that it helps you to secure the home of your dreams.


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Understanding Real Estate

Two Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Take the Concept of Kerb Appeal So Seriously

by Minnie Simmmons

Here are two reasons why real estate agents take the concept of kerb appeal so seriously, and why they try to encourage their clients who are selling their properties to put effort into giving their properties greater kerb appeal. 

A property's kerb appeal can result in higher numbers of people bidding on it

One reason why real estate agents are so passionate about the concept of kerb appeal is that a property with plenty of kerb appeal can often end up being bid on by a higher number of people than a property whose exterior isn't in good condition. The reason for this is that a property whose kerb appeal is very high is not only going to appeal to potential buyers who are visiting the real estate websites on which it's being advertised but it's also likely to pique the interest of those who drive by it and notice the 'For-Sale' sign outside it.

Whilst a property without kerb appeal tends to sell only when buyers either visit in person or look at pictures of it online and can then see that its interior is of a high standard, a property with kerb appeal is likely to interest random passersby who walk or drive past it, even if they have no idea what the inside of the building looks like. This is because most people make the assumption that a property whose exterior is beautiful and in pristine condition is likely to be just as lovely inside.

As such, if a property owner wants is hoping for a bidding war, in order to sell the property for the highest amount,  and needs, therefore, to attract plenty of potential buyers, investing some money and elbow grease into making their property exterior beautiful could help them to achieve this.

A property's kerb appeal can compensate for issues with a property's interior

Another reason why so many real estate agents take kerb appeal so seriously is that if a property's exterior has that 'wow' factor, it can often compensate for issues with its interior. For example, if the first part of a property that a person sees is its front garden with its gorgeous flowerbeds, pruned trees and neat-looking lawn, then this excellent first impression might make them more willing to take on the repair or restoration of certain interior features, such as the replacement of some damaged bathroom tiles or the refinishing of aged wooden floors. This is because the property's immense kerb appeal can make them immediately perceive the property as valuable and beautiful, even if its interior is in need of some work.

As such, if a property owner doesn't have the means or the time to do major work to the interior of their property, but is able to do some of the simple, affordable tasks that can have a dramatic effect on the exterior's kerb appeal (such as trimming their lawn and hedges, adding a coat of paint to their garden fence and getting a few cheap potted flowers for their front garden) they could still end up easily selling it for a good price.

Reach out to a local real estate agent to learn more about kerb appeal.